Ameri-Cal Corporation Grows With High-Quality, Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Products

In business since 1968, Ameri-Cal Corporation continues to carve out its unique niche as a premier manufacturer of high-quality, pressure sensitive adhesives products. Ameri-Cal strives to deliver the best customer experience, a principle the company backs with lab-tested solutions, custom designed for each customer need, and the fastest technical support response time in the industry.

Ameri-Cal Corp. at a Glance
Founded: 1968
Number Of Employees In Medina County: 15 Employees Live In Medina County.
Reason For Coming To Medina County:
John Vigneault Liked Medina’s Downtown Area. It Reminded Him Of Keene, NH Where He Grew Up.

Growth is at the forefront of the Medina-based company’s future plans as ownership transitions from retiring owner/president Jay Vigneault to sister-brother team of Jessica Heid and Adam Vigneault.

Americal machine 1

“We provide innovative, custom solutions for our customers’ most demanding applications, Heid said of the small, family-based business. “We stay out of the commodities market; we can’t make those products fast enough to keep our costs down.”

“The company’s location in Medina,” Heid added, “has also benefitted the company greatly as it has become increasingly self-sufficient in its operations. The eagerness of both business groups and city and county officials to assist companies like Ameri-Cal in building expansion and other efforts, including tax abatement and other incentives to both new and existing companies, sets Medina well apart from other communities.”

Specialty Services

Ameri-Cal develops proprietary adhesive solutions to other businesses with clients in the appliance, automotive, electronics, medical, outdoor power equipment, security, and craft industries.

Ameri-Cal was founded by Jessica and Adam’s grandfather, John Vigneault, with a very basic philosophy; to consistently provide high quality pressure sensitive products that would be delivered to screen printers and label converters in a timely manner.

Based on his extensive sales background, Vigneault came up with this simple, yet very effective company policy – to “always exceed customer expectations” by constantly anticipating what customers wanted most, then surpass those needs whenever possible.

Over the years, Ameri-Cal has developed manufacturing techniques that, in and of themselves, could be beneficial to customers on a more regular basis, according to Adam Vigneault.

“Our lab is definitely a selling point when developing customer solutions,” he said. “Coming up with the ‘why’ and changing the way (customers) think.  We design products specifically for your needs. A lot of time people just say, ‘I want it sticky,’ but maybe they don’t need it to be 5 mils – when we can do it with 2 mils.”

Eye on the Future

Ameri-Cal Jessica Heid and Adam Vigneault

Vigneault said the “typical” Ameri-Cal project could be a year in development, then take only three to five days from order to shipment, depending on details such as the number of layers of adhesive being applied. Looking ahead, Vigneault said he would love to more directly market Ameri-Cal’s other manufacturing capabilities such as toll slitting and sheeting.

At the same time, remaining a close knit staff of long-term employees continues to allow Ameri-Cal the ability to be both creative and nimble, fulfilling customer needs with as quick a turnaround as possible – with low minimums, short lead times and competitive pricing.

“But we are looking to grow our sales force and add reps in other parts of the country,” Heid said of the future of Ameri-Cal – a vision that continues the company’s stellar history and reputation, while boldly looking to the future.

Ameri-Cal looks forward to exceeding expectations for years to come, expanding into new markets and continuing to lead in product innovation.

For more information on Ameri-Cal Corporation, visit its website.