Futurist Thomas Frey


Don’t get Blindsided by the Future

Over the past decade, Thomas Frey has built an enormous following around the world based on his ability to develop accurate visions of the future and describe the opportunities ahead. Having started seventeen businesses himself and assisting on the development of hundreds more, the understanding he brings to his audiences is a rare blend of reality-based thinking coupled with a clear-headed visualization of the world ahead. Predicting the future has little value without understanding the driving forces behind the trends, subtle nuances that can be leveraged, and implications for both the people directly affected in the industry as well as others farther down the technological food chain.

His work is not just restricted to advances in technology. Rather, he takes a much larger view of the playing field including shifts in governance, system changes, evolving attitudes and human conditions, and much more. Each year his talks touch the lives of tens of thousands of people, and he designs dozens of custom presentations based specifically around the needs of a particular audience.

As part of the celebrity speaking circuit, Tom continually pushes the envelope of understanding, creating fascinating images of the world to come. His keynote talks on futurist topics have captivated people ranging from high level government officials to executives in Fortune 500 companies including NASA, IBM, AT&T, Hewlett-Packard, Lucent Technologies, First Data, Boeing, Capital One, Bell Canada, Visa, Ford Motor Company, Qwest, Allied Signal, Hunter Douglas, Direct TV, International Council of Shopping Centers, National Association of Federal Credit Unions, Times of India, and many more.

Tom, thank you for your excellent presentation in Jacksonville, Florida. It was a pleasure spending time with you, and your “Future of Education” speech was extremely well received. 84% of our attendees rated the presentation Good-Excellent. Powerful number indeed.

Larry Fairman
Director, Florida Workforce Summit

I wanted to offer my grateful thanks to you for serving as a keynote speaker for the Create WV conference in Richwood, on October 24-26. The conference received high marks all around, certainly including your remarks during the first plenary session and your gracious follow-on discussion later in the conference. Your helping hand will long be remembered in Richwood.

Robert C. ‘Bob’ Johnson
Mayor, City of Richwood

Thomas’ presentation was a true hit! Event today, (one day later) his presentation is still a significant source of positive buzz and energy and has aided in framing the rest of our conference.

Don Ingle
Director of Information Technology, City of Boulder, Colorado