Made in Medina County Preparing for the 3rd Manufacturing Expo in October

Made in Medina County, an organization whose mission is to raise awareness regarding the economic importance of the county’s manufacturing industry, is preparing for their 3rd Manufacturing Expo on October 4, 2019 at the Medina County Fairgrounds.

The biennial event is expecting over 1,500 visitors and will feature 75 exhibits by local manufacturers, a keynote speaker, and seven interactive displays by the following:

  1. Tri-C Mobile Training Unit
  2. Stark State 3D Welding Unit
  3. LCCC Fab Cab
  4. University of Akron – Polymer Science
  5. University of Akron – 3D Printing
  6. University of Akron – College of Engineering
  7. Career Center Skills Boss

“We are beyond excited to put on our third expo for the wonderful manufacturers and citizens of Medina County,” said Bethany Dentler, Executive Director of Medina County Economic Development Corporation. “We know being able to showcase all the innovation taking place within the county is vital. We hope everyone takes away a deeper awareness of just how many products are made right here within Medina County and just how important manufacturing is to our community.”

Youth Involvement

At both previous expos, 250 local students took part in touring the exhibit hall, attending the keynote address, and organizing a robotics demonstration.

In 2019, the expo will welcome over 500 students from local school districts. The inclusion of younger participants is an intentional effort to deepen the students’ understanding of possible career paths after high school.

“Many high school students are laser-focused on college, and while that is an excellent option for many of them, we want to better educate about the options manufacturing can offer,” said Kimberly Marshall, Co-Chair of the Planning Committee. “Made in Medina County and the inclusion of our local young people at events like the expo are about planting the seed that manufacturing is a great career opportunity in the future.”

The Keynote Speaker

John Ratzenberger, the Emmy nominated actor, director, writer, producer, and longtime manufacturing advocate will deliver the 2019 keynote address. Best known for his role on Cheers and voice work with Pixar, Ratzenberger created the Travel Channel Show, “Made in America” which highlighted manufacturing throughout the country.

In his keynote, he will discuss the importance of American manufacturing and how we can continue to advance it.

“John is a long-time advocate and respected industry figure within manufacturing, and we are thrilled to welcome him as our keynote,” said Dentler. “John and Made in Medina County have a shared value and passion for local manufacturing. We hope his address will continue to further the notion of manufacturing’s importance and the significance of continuing to grow the labor field with fresh, young minds.”

The Keynote Speaker Sponsor is Westfield, and other sponsors are still encouraged to take part in the event.

Tickets for the keynote can be purchased in advance, and the expo hall is open to the public from 11:00am-2:00pm at no cost. The expo will be held in the community center at the Medina County Fairgrounds.