Solutions in Polycarbonate: Adaptability Is the Key to Success

Solutions in Polycarbonate LLC is located in York Township and has been in business since 2016. Capitalizing on a wealth of experience in technology to help energy efficiency, the company helps customers design and install polycarbonate-based glazing solutions to increase natural daylighting and save energy costs. Made in Medina County sat down with owner and founder, Bruce Gold.

Q: Thank you so much for joining us, Bruce! Please tell us about Solutions in Polycarbonate.

A: Having been a business owner in the past, in 2016 I saw an opportunity to take my knowledge and experience and launch a new venture. Solutions in Polycarbonate brings customers solutions to increase their energy efficiency through a natural daylighting solution. The reduced weight of the polycarbonate versus glass offers lower costs but the cellular structure of the glazing panel is more thermally efficient than that of glass.

Q: Can you explain the products a little more? They sound intriguing!

A: Absolutely! In most windows you have glass. It may be insulated or treated but it is heavy and can still be leaking energy. Our polycarbonate products are perfect for those locations where you want natural light but do not need a transparent or see thru glazing structure. These systems provide plenty of natural daylighting and higher thermal efficiency than their glass counterparts.

Our canopies can either be a multiwall or solid sheet variety which provides a great diversity of color, styles, and endless design possibilities.

As for skylights, because our panels are translucent, you get the benefit of the natural daylighting without the problems associated with the glare from direct sunlight.

Q: I would think! What applications are best for your products?

A: We specialize in windows, skylights, and canopies. We also have a lighting option that you can control with an app on your phone. Or, if you have an older building, we can do an overglazing with our product that not only improves the old windows but makes them look better as well!

Our canopy systems are on churches, medical buildings, schools, and office buildings. We offer low cost solutions as well as highly decorative varieties for larger budgets.

The skylights can absorb a 1200 foot-pound impact. It could be higher but we stopped testing at that point since that rated well above the industry standard.

Q: That’s huge! What kinds of clients buy your products?

A: We typically work with architects, building developers, or contractors. We work with general contractors a lot because our products are easy to install so they can self-perform the installation.

We work with metal building manufacturers and contractors as well. Our window system fits in perfectly with their structural steel framing and is simple in the way it prevents water infiltration. It can be linked to lighting controls in order to take advantage of free daylight harvesting. Most contractors like how easy the system is to install.

Q: That seems unexpected. With a product like this, I would think it was complicated to install. Is that typical in your industry?

A: Actually, it is not. That is something unique to our company. Most of our competitors have complicated systems requiring specialists to install. We simplified our products so components are the same across the different product lines and contractors can handle it in house. It keeps our customers coming back because they know our products and know our commitment to partnering with them.

Q: That sounds like the answer, but to what do you attribute your success?

A: Our adaptability has been key. Our product ideas come out of developing solutions for clients in real time. We always like to say, can’t find it? We’ll design it!

Also, we have a really strong team. They are very comfortable speaking up and walking through solutions that may be different than my ideas.

And finally, the longevity of our products. These products just LAST. And maintain their energy efficiency.

Q: How did you come to Medina County?

A: Many years ago I was in Pittsburgh. As we looked at creating a business, when officials asked for the number of employees we were planning on, they weren’t interested in 20 employees as a startup. It was considered too small for them to care. Tom Kruger was a friend and the economic development director in the city of Medina at the time. Sharing with him what we were planning, he put together a package. When we came to visit we met with the mayor, the economic development team, and were generally made to feel welcome.

Then, not being familiar with Medina, we started looking at the geography. Being in the center of everything with access to highways meant we are regularly within the radius used when building LEAD projects which require products be sourced close by. It was a win both professionally and personally.

Q: We love to hear that! Has there been any other ways the cities or county has helped?

A: Tom was a great resource. Then at a conference I met a woman named Kimberly Marshall. She listened to a problem I was having with state funding and she jumped right in and fixed it. So I was thrilled when she joined the team at the city!

The Made in Medina County effort is really unique. We love learning about manufacturing in the county and sourcing products locally. We use vendors in Medina, Copley, Cleveland, Columbus and other areas of the state. But we love getting them from our own county the most.

We also love the local assets like the Medina County Career Center. We can access interns thru their programs and help train up a new generation of employees. Those that spend time with us can see what the career field they have chosen is like, and if they continue, we provide the opportunity to grow with us.

Q: What do you see in the future?

A: People want more daylight in their spaces and glazing systems to harvest natural daylighting to offset some of their energy costs. Our products will support the new energy efficiency initiatives we believe will coming in the near future and will help older buildings get the lift they need without replacing all the windows. We feel we are positioned for a bright future!

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